Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Solid Top Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Hummingbird Pro acoustic electric guitar features a rosewood fretboard and bridge with pearl inlays and a tortoise shell pickguard. This is one of three guitars in the Hummingbird Pro line and it comes in a cherry sunburst finish, however, the reds and yellows appear to be sprayed on and are less rich and much lighter than you’d expect based on the photos. However, it’s still a beautiful guitar and it offers a richer, fuller sound than what you’ll get from other models in this price range.



Epiphone Acoustic Electric Guide Assessment and Features

This model is pretty popular among guitarists on a budget, so we decided to take a closer look at how this guitar performs and what it has to offer in terms of sound quality.

When you strum hard on a few barre and open position chords, this guitar sounds balanced and bright, with plenty of low-end heft and good intonation. It also has a crisp, clear twang that would play well with pedal steel and fiddles. At the nut, the action is really nice and low, but where the guitar’s neck meets the body it tends to lose some power, making it difficult to play leads.

Plugged into an amp, this guitar really comes to life. The low-end sounds meatier and deeper and the bright sound is even brighter, yet it still has the ring of an acoustic. Like many acoustic electric models, the Pro comes equipped with a ePerformer preamp and the NanoFlex pickups which are carefully tucked away inside the sound hole, picking up the vibration of the strings just under the saddle. You’ll be able to easily man the controls including dynamics, mute, bass, treble, and volume on the upper bout. You can also change the CR2032 batteries without even having to reach inside the guitar. We felt that the guitar’s electronics are very unobtrusive, allowing the guitar to retain its Hummingbird vintage look.

While you can see the striking similarities to the original Gibson, there are some notable differences. The neck on the Pro is slightly narrower. This guitar also uses imitation pearl inlays while the Gibson used the real deal. More importantly, the Gibson Hummingbirds use the highest quality tonewoods.

With these differences in mind, we still felt that this Epiphone Pro is offered at a fantastic price compared to the Gibson.

This model offers plenty of rich tone thanks to the preamp system and tonewoods. The quality solid spruce top allows this guitar to resonate well, resulting in a sound that’s both big and bold. The guitar offers a rich, warmer tone, although it’s able to remain well-balanced throughout the registers. The preamp amplifies the tone very naturally and is very versatile thanks to the controls.

Epiphone Acoustic Electric Guitar Pros and Cons

What we love :

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Solid Top Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Hummingbird’s body shape needs no introduction, and this budget-friendly Epiphone version retains all the classic 1960s design points, such as the large dreadnought body.

This acoustic electric guitar is an excellent performer that features a solid spruce top, with a body and neck that’s made from mahogany. The neck features a classic slim taper D profile and a 24.75-inch scale. The neck is attached to the body with a dovetail joint.

The rosewood fingerboard features pearloid inlays and twenty medium frets.

On the fingerboard, you’ll find a single ply white binding with a five ply white and black binding on the body top.

On the back of the body, there’s only a single ply white binding. The guitar also features a classic sloped dove wing headstock.

For smoother intonation and action the rosewood bridge is equipped with a compensated saddle. The pickup system is a Shadow Nano Flex and it’s located under the saddle.

This is no doubt, a beautiful instrument with a stunning finish. The guitar itself is well-made and ready to play right out of the box. This guitar really transforms when plugged into an amp.

Overall, we were pretty happy with the guitar’s playability, however, the action may be a bit higher than what some guitarists would like.

We found the neck smooth, and even without the guitar plugged in you’ll feel in control of the volume. The guitar’s tone is very versatile, allowing you to pair it with any style of music. This is also one of the biggest reasons we felt that it was a great choice for beginners or someone who is still searching for their sound by playing different styles of music.

Because the guitar has a solid top the sound should open up the more you play the guitar. Some buyers claim that on average, it can take about eight to twelve months before the sound fully opens up. However, this is also highly dependent on how often you play. Many buyers felt that the sound was amazing, and both balanced and warm across all the strings.

The guitar’s adjustable neck allows the guitarist to adjust it to an action that’s suitable for them.

What we don't like

Some Guitarists felt that soundwise, the bottom is nowhere to be found, offering less than ideal bass response.

We recommend that you order a set of strings. The strings that come mounted on the guitar sound very flat and dull. Really, changing out the strings can make a huge difference when it comes to sound quality.

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Solid strings

Guitarists who are searching for a guitar with a bigger sound can check out the Fender Sonoran SCE acoustic electric guitar, which is also affordably priced.

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar Conclusion and Rating

The Hummingbird Pro is perfect for beginners, great for practice, and also performs well as a gigging guitar. Aside from the classic looks, the slim, playable neck and rich tone make this model a true performer. It’s perfect for blues, rock, lead, and rhythm.

The Gibson Hummingbird is a hugely popular model for a reason. Epiphone has long reproduced classic styles of guitars and made more affordable versions that allow the guitarist on a budget to enjoy a higher quality sound. We’re happy to say that they’ve done it again with the Pro, producing an affordable acoustic electric guitar that offers big sound for a fraction of the price.

Guitarists who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars for pricing, sound, and overall quality.

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